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About us

Turbo Tech FZE is a privately owned company based in the United Arab Emirates. Turbo Tech has become widely recognized within the industry and has proven its quality of work over the years
Who We Are

Turbo Tech FZE is a privately owned company based in the United Arab Emirates, having the sole intent of bringing the best quality services and equipment to its customers and end-users. Since the start of the business.  We supply and service all aspects of the oil, gas and petrochemical equipment according to the customer’s requirements. Our areas of expertise include the supply of gas turbines and turbine parts, pumps and pump parts, rotating equipment services and overhaul and drilling equipment. We also provide services to oil and gas, power plants and water equipment, and manufacture parts according to the end-users request.

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Our Vision

Turbo Tech is a leading international energy services company with a global network of skilled employees. Our vision is to achieve growth by providing the best quality products and services to our customers through our international network of workforce and suppliers. We are committed to delivering specialized and high-precision rotating equipment for turbine, pump and drilling sectors. The maintenance, overhaul, and repair services are our main field of expertise for the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. We also provide the same services portfolio for the power generation plants and water plant industries.

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Our Strategy

The key features of Turbo Tech include our high Quality, Precision Reliability, Affordability and Safety. Our customers would commend Turbo Tech for numerous reasons, as we strive to achieve excellence in all our jobs to ensure the ultimate end result for our clients.

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We provide automotive parts and systems for all your needs

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Quality services by skilled professionals to give you satisfactory results

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