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About us


Turbo Tech offers its global clients effective maintenance and consulting assistance, and clients include the oil industry. Though each plan for different clients is unique, the Turbo Tech team is prepared to present a variety of scenarios and possible solutions to get people started. Each plan can include a focus on the client’s budget, types of equipment necessary, estimated timetable, and estimated size of workforce.

Turbo Tech does have plenty of employees trained to direct or supervise a project, but in some cases, may need extra assistance from local residents in the actual manufacture portion of the process

Our Services

Turbo Tech is familiar with any oil and gas industrial operation with which our customers need assistance.

Quality Production, Health & Safety plus Reliability is our  Strategy.

Turbines & Compressors

Where high-speed equipments need to be (Supplied or Service) we have a wide range of solution for your need.

Turbines are one of our specialty where you need Turbine as power supply or as Compressor or pump driver we can supply you the best solution for your need.

We can provide from a basic repair to a major overhaul by using OEM parts, but not limited to that when parts are obsolete. In this case Turbo Tech can provide parts repair and Coating or Parts manufacturing with reverse engineering.


Our experience in Drilling equipment supply from a long time supply parts and/or equipments.  We have the possibility of overhaul Mud pumps, Cementing pumps & many other drilling related equipments.


With close relation with well-known Pump manufacturers we can provide where you need Pumps, Pump Parts or pump repair & overhaul.

We have wide range of solution for your request to help end users with Faster, Cheaper & best quality.

Where you cannot find a part or OEM delivery is not meet your need we have the possibility of 3D scanning for reverse engineering the parts. This can help your operation to not stop.

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